The Victorian age still fascinates us today. Paintings from that time evoke an atmosphere of elegant gentility, of gentle, picturesque living. Of course, the truth was that underneath this pastel coloured and refined veneer, a layer of degradation was not too far away.

Perhaps the reason for this lingering fascination lies in a quote from Christopher Wood, on the French Victorian artist, Tissot: "The contrast between the dazzling elegance and complexity of Victorian dress and the drab practicality of our twentieth-century attire must inevitably arouse feelings of envy and nostalgia....He projects an image of an age infinitely more elegant and leisured than our own.....We now see the Victorian world through hopelessly rose-tinted spectacles."

This is my view of the Victorian world through those rosy spectacles. It is a celebration of the section of Victorian life that did experience manners, gentleness and a genuine affection for one's fellows. I hope you enjoy it.

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