The late Victorians and the Edwardians loved photography. Thank goodness! Many of them left clues as to who they were in the photographic postcards they had made and sent to friends and family. One can find them quite easily, in junk shops, postcard fairs and even second-hand bookshops. And luckily for us, they do not cost very much to buy. I have found most of my photographic postcards in junk shops for less than a pound each.

Unfortunately, the printers of these cards did not include a date so it is not easy to detect exactly when they were made. Some of the cards were used and have Edwardian stamps on them. However, they may have been taken long before, in the end of Queen Victoria's reign.

I called these two "brothers", though they might be friends, having their photo taken before going off to war. The card was sent from someone called Eliza to let her mother and aunt know that she had got home safely. It was addressed to Mrs Dawson, No 2, Paradise Place, Windy Nook, which is in the north east of England.

From the differing ages, I would guess at these three girls being sisters. It is quite unusual in that this picture was not taken in a studio, with the girls in formal, sunday best dresses. Again, as I found the card in the north east of England, these are probably three young Geordie girls!

I wonder who this lady was, in her severe black dress and hat. She has such a bold, uncompromising look on her face. As I cannot see a wedding ring on her hand, I would guess that that is what she has to be so bold about! I rather like her bravery.

Miss Ellaline Terriss, the card reads on the front. And on the back, "celebrities of the stage". Miss Terriss was a star of the music halls, singing sweet, romantic songs, a la Jenny Lind. The card was used to send a message to someone's sweetheart, a Miss Maggie McCarey of Ballysnodd (?).